Cake Boards

12" Round Bio White Cake Board (Pack of 50)


These cake cards can be considered an eco-friendlier alternative to some traditional cake cards as they are both recyclable and compostable, unlike a foil card.

Each cut edge card has a plain white top and a grey underside. The top surface has an attractive smooth aqueous coating to give the board the necessary grease/moisture resistance for enhanced presentation whilst remaining 100% compostable. This type of card is not intended for re-use which is why the biodegradable material is so appealing for daily disposals.

Due to their thickness, they are particularly suited to patisserie cakes and bakes but are a great choice for any general lightweight usage in and around the kitchen.

There are 50pcs per pack, making these suitable for anyone with a high turnaround of cake card usage, but is concerned with disposal. Each pack is wrapped simply in blue recyclable plastic for protection.

Dimensions / thickness:

12" diameter - approx. 2000 micron / 2mm for extra support

Boxed 50

Carton Quantity:

Pack of 50

12 Bio
€19.50 +VAT
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