Lawco Traybake System

Designed to fit on standard baking trays the grease resistant trays are made from a board that is certified for food contact and for temperatures up to 220 C. It is also suitable for use in a microwave oven. Initially supplied with 10 apertures there will be 15 trays and 1,500 cases per pack. 

Standard metal mini-loaf cake trays are relatively expensive and they may need greasing and washing. This system allows bakers and coffee shops to cost-effectively offer their customers who are now looking for something different to a standard cupcake or US-style muffin. They can make small volumes at a time which will allow them to emphasis the freshness of their products.

 In addition, The Traybake system requires a lower temperature and a shorter baking time which results in reduced energy costs and savings all-round. The board is waterproof meaning the cases could be filled with batter and then frozen already placed in the tray.


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